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They say old is gold and incase of a car that makes a lot of sense, it was there before some of you were even born, and that was back in the year 1930. since then technology has been doing its very best to ensure that the car is up in all ways , that is why you will find interesting features in the modern, Lincoln continental, this includes a Vehicle Communication System, which includes a voice-activated phone and a news and information service which enable the car owner communicate to people at time. There also optional hands-free, voice-operated mobile phone that provides 24-hour emergency service along with access to internet services., this car I need. Lincoln continental OBD reader will help you If your vehicle fails to respond with the OBD testing. The car owner will receive information informing them that it is has failed to respond. It will also give you reasons why it has not accepted that OBD. after you have all this information you can now find a reliable technician who will be able to see the problem and who will use necessary equipments to properly service OBD equipped vehicle after the OBD is fixed the car owner can be able to benefit from the good things from the OBD.