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The new Kia sportage model has been designed with an elegant yet sporty low profile roof. Its fine doors panels have been sculpted using strong and firm metal. It portrays an unmistakable look with a powerful engine and an effective exhaust system. The interior of this exorbitant vehicle is adorned with upholstery leather seats and adjustable heated front seats. You will love the spacious interior, which can comfortably accommodate a maximum of six people. You will love a family car that also has a spacious boot for your luggage. This is an excellent family car that will provide you with extreme comfort and relaxation as you ride. The fantastic KIA sportage OBD reader is one device that you cannot miss to install. It is an important car accessory that will definitely keep you informed of your engines status. When plugged in your personal computer it effectively relays information on the fuel consumption. This unique gadget will help you deal with minor breakdowns on your engine as well as the exhaust system. It is a very important car accessory than can easily be installed without the help of a mechanic as well as enable you maintain your car regularly. Your reader will is able to store as much information and for a long period of time.