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Kia Sedona is a magnificent minivan with spacious seating space for you and your family. You will be able to accommodate approximately seven people in this vehicle that has adequate room for your cargo. This fine model is fitted with the latest yet advanced safety features like airbags that are strategically placed to protect you from injuries in case of sudden impacts. You will love the privacy glass and a Bluetooth cell phone that is hands free. Experience the luxurious front seats that heated as well as the armrests both at the front and back seats that exhibit high quality leather material. Drive in style and comfort in this unique car that will guarantee you of total safety. Your KIA Sedona requires an OBD reader that will store and relay vital information to update you on the condition of your vehicle. It is a marvelous device that will alert you on any kind s of faults in your engine as well as exhaust system of your car. You can easily sample it in various shapes, colors and sizes to perfectly fit you model of vehicle. This unique device relays technical information to allow you undertake quick repairs. The information is relayed in a language that you can understand since it is programmed with all the international languages. You will discover that this accessory can store information for as long as you wish.