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Kia Rondo is an elegant vehicle with stability control and equipped with a powerful engine. it is a fancy car that features 16 inch wheels which are durable and a four speed standard automatic transmission. You can comfortably accommodate seven passengers on you’re the leather upholstered seats. This fancy car is fitted with a stereo that is highly functional and upgraded for your full entertainment. The high performance car is small in size and its aluminum body is strong enough less corrosive. You have the option of selecting your own gears since its transmissions are fitted with spermatic features. You will love the comfort as you drive this elegant vehicle. It is vital that you install the OBD reader for your Kia Rondo to get informed of the state of your vehicle’s engine as well as exhaust system. It is an exotic electronic device that when plugged into your computer will provide you with technical information on any faults that require immediate attention. Obd come in various sizes and shapes just to suit your model and are simple to install. The reader enables you access the information in different languages that is easy to understand. It is convenient to work with since it works in conjunction with your laptop or personal computer.