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Kia optima is an excellent model considering it comes with an automatic five-speed transmission with a cabin that is completely spacious. It is a marvelous wheel drive sedan which is small enough in size and will accord you a quality yet smooth ride. You will love the exciting interior that is adorned with elegant leather seats that can be easily adjusted. It is the latest model of a vehicle with an elegant touch, a sporty look and swiftly cruises through rough terrain. You will discover the antilock brakes as well as an entertainment system for you to enjoy your favorite music while you drive around. Kia optima OBD reader is a unique car accessory that will indeed notify you of any faults on your engine. It is a device that is plugged into your computer to give you technical information about your car. Information will be relayed to you in language that you clearly understand since it is features major international languages. This sophisticated accessory will enable you undertake repairs of your beautiful kia early enough to avoid major breakdowns. You will also have the chance to effectively maintain your vehicle often thus saving costs and time. This magnificent device is easy to install and notifies you of minute details.