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The search for a fast car you can use with you family has been provided by the Kia magentis. it is the most efficacious remedy to this quest. For the purpose of comfort ability, the car has a greater rear leg room and the load space is definitely something you are bound to boost about. If you take a look at the interior, you will discover unmatchable cabin styling and this has been enhanced by the inclusion of comfortable leather seats. It is available with a 2.0 -2.7 liter V6 petrol engines a factor that gives it more power on the road. With additional option of another 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine, the KIA magentis is undisputedly the posterity of family cars. The KIA magentis OBD reader can be found in many versions depending on the size and portability. As you go around the shops you will come across the KIA OBD trouble code reader that has magnificent features. If you are a lover of getting done with your car problems within the fastest time possible, then this is the appropriate tool for you. Just as long as the car you are using is of the year 1996 and above and that it is a new OBD II type, you are cleared to go ahead and use it in reading the diagnostic trouble codes direct from LCD screen of your car OBD reader.