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As much as you may pointedly argue that the KIA is not as famous as the other renowned makes of vehicles, let’s be honest and give credit to where it is due. The emergence of the KIA amanti only means one thing; cars have started delivering power more aggressively and progressively. Rightly so, the KIA amanti at cruising speed makes all the other motorists on the road stare with envy. It is simply swift and stable on the road owing to improved rear and front suspension. When you attempt to break instantly, diving is a thing of the past. The manufactures of this model also had in mind the need for assured safety of the driver and this was achieved by the inclusion of good and reliable air bags. The KIA amanti OBD reader enables you to not only determine but also analyze the cause of the ‘check engine’ light coming on. Once your engine gives you that signal it is important that you know the problem and not to keep using it. This scan tool will easily give you the answer. When the repair process is over, this scan allows you to clear the trouble codes the turn off the light. Lest you forget, this particular reader is advantageous to you because it is portable and small enough for you to put it in the pocket.