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Infiniti M30 is an improved car model which has been brought forth to reliance and performance when you are driving on the road. This car ha s a v6 engine which produces horsepower of 303, it is also secured with an automatic transmission of seven speeds. It is an all wheel drive car with rear fascias and bipod integration. Your driving efficiency is highly increased by the engine which has a high out put. You are guaranteed with comfort as the seats are made with high quality leather. Its design is out standing, it also uses sensors which gives visual warning at its side mirror. You can now get the latest, and well modified on board diagnostic for your Infiniti M30. It will assist you tune your car engine giving it better emissions. The reader is able to pin point any problem in your car, the reader has really evolved and can record all the data for you. With these readers, you will save your time and money, since you will not visit the mechanics regularly for your car repairs. You will also be able to avoid any unnecessary accidents on the road. It has gone through extensive manufacturing process and can serve you for the longest time possible.