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The Infiniti G35 4 dr is a modern car which has a very unique design in terms of its performance and style. It uses a mid ship engine that is positioned on its front side. It has a standard horse power of 325 and an automatic transmission of seven speed. It has leather made seats which increases your comfort when you are sited. It has a stain less bumper and fog lights which increases your visibility levels when you are driving at night. Its steering wheel is artistically made to offer you a hard glimpse when you are driving. It is one of the best car models in terms of fuel cons Avoid all the unnecessary accidents with the by purchasing an on board diagnostic. With this reader, you will be able to save your time and money, since you will not need to visit the mechanics regularly; you will be able to maintain your Infiniti G35 4dr. After purchasing this ready, you will always know what to expect in your car. If a certain trouble has faced your car several times, you will be able to retrieve all the recorded information and known how to handle the problem at hand. Don’t keep on driving a vehicle that is not armed, incase of any problem. Get the latest reader which will do all the work for you.