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Hyundai pony is along serving car used in different parts of the world with its first make produced and sold in the market in 1975 where it was introduced as a four door sedan. Since then the car has been face lifted making it better and modernized as time goes by. This make of car from Hyundai was upgraded to Hyundai pony two from pony one. It has a good engine acceleration maintaining its highway speed up to 150 kilometers per hour. It was used for commercial purposes as taxis and also domestic use.tis car was the most selling car in Korea those days where it was sold in big masses. Efficiency is the desire of any professional driver on his or her car. The Hyundai pony is a best seller since it has been fit with newly invented OBD code reader. TheHyundai pony OBD code reader is an electronic gadget that allows you to insert it into your personal computer on board diagnostic port to allow you access important information pertaining the operational system of your vehicle. This device monitors the performance of all the parts of your vehicle and reports all the default parts with their faults to you for rectification. The default parts are send inform of a codes which are then verified by the scanner.