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Hyundai excel is an affordable family car that is highly sold around the globe due. Its first production was done in the 1990’s and still selling through out up to date, making it qualify as the best family car. It has a four cylinder engine long lasting and durable powered by 1.5 liters of fuel mated with a five speed automatic transmission. This car is popularly known as a subcompact car because of its weight and manageable size. This make of car from the Hyundai Company keeps on changing its features and style but one thing which does not change is the engine of this car despite its evolution. When the engine check light of your Hyundai excel is on you are at the best position of knowing that your engine has a default. What if the engine check light fails to indicate that their something wrong? To answer this question with many others, technology for the care of your Hyundai excel not only engine but with other parts brings you the Hyundai excel OBD code reader. This diagnostic does inform you of the entire fault with the specific default parts in the operational system of your car. The data can be stored on the CD or any other hardware for future check ups.