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Hummer H1 is a civilian off road vehicle with a high mobility with its first production in 1992 and has then been in existence offering quality and reliable services paving way to other hummer production. This four-wheel utility vehicle was originally designed for military use but later on brought into the lime light after its purchase by celebrities, professional athletes and top prominent people around the globe. It is well fitted with high quality features like convertible soft-top, a unique and quality body from alpha wagon mode and the four doors hard sporty utility truck. Currently due to modernity, you can find five engines and three engine automatic transmissions in the market. OBD is one of the software you need not to leave out when buying a car like hummer h1 since it helps you know how stable your car is on the road and how secure you are on the road, giving heavy concentration on the engine system units. Be safe with your car after protecting it from physical damage with the introduction of alarms and sirens. This software can be installed for you by the manufacturer or it can be installed by your personal car technician. The reader has the ability to monitor all engine functions and other subsystems giving your vehicle the care it needs.