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You are told several times without number that speed kills. In my opinion, it doesn’t rather incompetent vehicles do. Vehicles such as the Honda odyssey are exactly what you need to minimize the chances of any toppling that could result into grisly road carnage. It uses the four wheel drive system and a 5 speed automatic transmission. There are leather seats and good accommodating space in the front that gives you more driving comfort. The interior has been further updated with an efficient air conditioning system so that you neither have to put up with cold or hot driving conditions inside your car. Owning an expensive and classy model that makes the onlookers crave for your ride does not come on a silver platter. It requires regular check ups and repair of damaged parts. It might sound easy but its not. Therefore your car requires a self diagnostic system that is capable of detecting minor problems before they become major. This has been effectively achieved by the invention of the Honda odyssey OBD reader that comes with a standard cable and a set of diagnostic trouble codes. LCD screen readout is provided for better analysis and consultations with an expert as the problem may require.