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This is a strong car that was produced in the year 1992 as strictly a sports car. With a two door body style, the Honda del sol uses 4 speed manual and 5 speed automatic transmission respectively and measures a length of 4005 mm and a height of 1255 mm. far from that, the air conditioning system of this car is very efficient and updated given the fact that it does not need a lot of effort from the compressor making it consume less fuel than other makes available in the market. It has an eco assist system in it that helps you to control the positive and negative effects of your driving style. The Environment Protect Agency requires all manufacturers to provide emission control systems in any model before price tagging it. The level of emissions to the environment can only be controlled by ensuring that all newly manufactured cars have an On Board Diagnostics to monitor and control engine problems. Therefore the Honda Del sol OBD reader works perfectly well and detects the degree of combustion of your car. A scratch on the side or a malfunctioning headlight is detected early enough so that you can fix the problem before exploding to uncontrollable levels. It’s the best thing that has ever happened in automobile industry.