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This is definitely one of the best family cars owing to its interior big size that gives much comfort. You concur that you need a strong car on the road especially when you are going on a long trip with your family. The Honda CRV is a powerful four wheel drive car that can tackle any of the bad roads that are in disrepair. With its luxury tuned suspension, this car obviously sets new acoustic comfort standards. If you are a keen observer, you will also discover that safety has not been given a cold shoulder by the manufactures of the Honda CRV. There is a reliable airbag that is triggered by powerful sensors located in the front door. The increasing battle among the manufacturers in automobile industry brings yet another cool device capable of monitoring and diagnosing engine problem at much ease. The strength of the problem is indicated by the check engine light on the dashboard. Momentary malfunctions are usually indicated by occasional flashes and if the problem is serious and deserves immediate intervention, the light stays on for a while. The Honda CRV OBD reader is therefore designed to control emissions and strike a super balance of air and fuel. The central computer of your model records all the sensor readings and you can comprehensively analyze them when sipping a glass of wine