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This is a modern vehicle made with the latest technology; geo tracker has four wheel antilock brakes. It is fuel economical and you can drive for quite a number of miles. It is a vehicle, which you can drive in any situation, and environment .it has standard five speed manual transmissions. It has well polished interior and exterior. It has comfortable bucket seats. For your safety, it has dual air bags. If you need a vehicle, which will serve, you for a longer time, then purchase this vehicle. Latest techniques have been used in its manufacturing process. It is well upgraded and looks quite glamorous. Purchase the on board diagnostic, which is able to detect any problem in your geo tracker during in current or long lasting driving cycles. It will show you all the stored diagnostic troubles in your car, as well as showing freeze frame data. If you have purchased a used car, you can use the diagnostics to determine any problems in the car. For you to drive comfortably and confidently, get the scanning equipment, which will assist you in the maintenance of your vehicle. The diagnostic is very complex, it can easily and fast use any soft ware to detect any trouble in your car; it has the ability to record any information without distracting you when driving.