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GMC Yukon as one of the SUVs class as changed a lot over the years, it was first come in the market early 1990s .having a look at it clearly you will realize it is sporty with two doors on both sides with a capacity of four passengers sitting comfortably with spacious cargo room. Yukon has gone through three generations ,the current generation having a 5 .3 liter v8 engine which is standard with six speed automatic transmission there’s also an option of 6.2liter v8 engine. Third row seat were added and made standard together with standard side airbags at the front seat. The GMC Yukon obd system works efficiently in diagnosing problems and issuing commands to rectify the problems encounter. All you have to do is to hold the control with your hand and run the system through the engine. It also checks the fuel pump and other applications inside the engine and pulls out a comprehensive summary for your car to run properly. The car will run smoothly even if you are in an area where there are no mechanics that can fix your car. Your system will do that for you free of charge and with the highest proficiency possible.