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GMC Yukon XL is in the class of SUV sports rides, it is available in both rear two wheel drives and all four wheel drive. the engine is standard a 5.3 liter v8 you can either choose that operate on gasoline or E85, power transmission is through two speed automatic/manual to all four wheels. The vehicle is very luxurious and very appropriate for those who love living an extravagant life, the fuel consumption is reasonably economical and you therefore do not spend much. The cub has also interesting features such as remote and traffic controls, a USB port and hand devices charger. The OBD system in the vehicle is an electronic device, which generates and stores diagnostic trouble codes. It has the ability to monitors all engine controls and also other subsystems. GMC Yukon XL OBD reader helps you save time and money running your car to garage to find out what is wrong. It will be informing you when to check the engine and to re-service the vehicle. It comes with standardized and unique codes that are detailed with all the information needed. They have user manuals that guide you in determining the problems and you do not need any training on how to use the reader.