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GMC typhoon is a vehicle of high performance that was first produced in early 1990s; they were mostly trucks having 4.3 liter v6 engines transmitting power to the four wheels via four speed automatic gearbox. This curb is very much economical in fuel consumption, and it is also very friendly to environment, it has a twin turbo, the brakes are very upgraded making them to work efficiently and its shape is modified to make it look sporty with standard suspensions, the curb is being offered in different colors black being common in most cases, the is also spacious and can accommodate passengers comfortably with a average cargo space. GMC typhoon Car OBD reader is a very much advanced automotive repair and diagnosing tool. Whenever the check engine light indicates, something is not right with the engine. it is able to read and store trouble diagnostic codes in the computer memory, This allows you, the users of these cars to read out the codes and fix the problem. This tool works on a whole day mechanism taking good care of the vehicle making it fast and most reliable .This device normally gives you something to go on whether it is important or not especially when you check and found that the engine light is on, with it you will not be caught unaware with preventable breakdowns. It is good to do a quick check up on the engine.