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If you are a keen observer you will discover that the GMC sierra shares many similarities with the Chevrolet Silverado in terms of body type and engine. It is a full size pick up with rear wheel drive and four wheel drive system. In this way this car is strong enough to carry up to 4000 kgs of load to a long distance. Having been assembled in the United States and Canada as well, this pick up uses the 4 speed manual and automatic transmission to give it unmatchable power. The GMC sierra uses a four wheel steering system that reduces the trucks turning radius. This car is using the Auto-Express DIY OBD II reader in identifying the various codes alarmed on the car engine. It performs more urgently and efficiently on the car engine by sensing fast on the beep codes recorded on the reading device. After analyzing the code error on the sensor data it passes a series of diagnostic protocols on the affected region within the car engine. The faults codes are scanned on the reading gadget of this vehicle after which it is interpreted by the scanning device and later it’s rectified. This detective tool performs much better on the GMC sierra cars.