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This is a very heavy truck division of the GMC brand that is very reliable and strong enough to carry a substantial amount of weight. The GMC Denali has been able to retain its originality since the early 1990s.It has chrome surroundings that give it an elegant look on the road. The honey comb pattern grille of this car is also an amazing feature that has contributed significantly to the rise if its sales. Its engine is able to produce up to 325 hp. The GMC Denali has a much upgraded interior with 20 inch wheels that make it a very strong vehicle you can depend on for heavy loads. The GMC Denali OBD Reader is able to sense the malfunctioning parts or problematic subsystems with your car keeping you in tandem with the health of your ride. Once a problem has been identified the OBD reader sends a trouble code to your car’s computer which set off the nature of the problem appearing on your dashboard. In this way, you no longer have to guess the cause of the ‘check engine’ appearing in the car as the tool will tell you the exact place that needs mechanical attention. Maintenance of the GMC Denali has never been this simple.