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This is a car that derives its name from the Swahili word safari that means journey. It was manufactured by the general motors and produced in the year 1985.The GMC safari is a car that was assembled in the United States in Baltimore and since then it has been emerging to be a better van for you. It has benefited schools in many ways as school transport van. Other areas that have made good use of the GMC safari include the police who have used it as a police van and also in hospitals as an ambulance. It is a van that plays a vital role in the society. This car uses OBD II reader for monitoring the engine condition on a GMC safari car. it controls the engine functioning in the car by checking on faults codes detected by the scanning device on the car. It troubleshoots the technical faults in the engine section of the car by sensing on the beep codes detected by reading machine. This codes detected are finally diagnosed where by various troubleshooting protocols are followed electronically on the engine section of the car so as to troubleshoot the various units found to contain any fault.