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It is an automobile car that was manufactured in the United States by the Ford Company. The car was liked by many who preferred it to be a personal luxury car. Since its introduction in 1955, it has produced more than eleven model generations to 2005. Ford thunderbird got into the market during the 1955 model year as a sporty two seat convertible and was marketed as a personal car that gave it a better position in the market. In 1958, another raw of seats was added in the car and made it have successful sales till the 1990s when the large 2-door coupes were loosing popularity. This made the Ford stop its production on this car in 1997 to 2002 when they brought back the 2-seat model and sold it through to its last production year of 2005. Ford thunderbird uses the EEC-IV or the OBD-I system of information to record any mechanical problem the car may have. This system involves a jumper wire and a dashboard malfunction indicator that signals the driver by producing some light whenever the car has a problem. The light goes on and off and therefore, the driver should be keen to notice it. Also, there are code readers you can use for these EEC-IV vehicles that may be attached to the battery. They involve the six-sided hood which is called the self test outlet and the smaller six-sided slot also known as self test input.