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The Ford GT is built by committed and dedicated staffs. It resembles a racing car and its introduction into the market makes it stand out among the flooded sea of automobiles in the city. It’s an amazing car since you can drive it on the highways and race-track. It does not use any special aviation fuel like many racing cars but its performance is unsurpassed. It’s crafted with 18-inch front wheels and the 19-inch rear wheels provide good traction control. It can rise from 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds and it’s powered by a DOHCV-8 supercharged engine. It’s a car direct from the heart of manufacturer. The Ford GT OBD Reader is mostly used on cars which dates back not more than twenty five years ago. The current vehicles are being fitted with OBD II and features like LCD screen readouts helps in critical analysis of the problem. Its capable of reading and interpreting all the trouble codes and storing them. The warnings are communicated to you via check lights on the dashboard. You have a chance of diagnosing the problem on your own before seeking an advice from an expert. In general you will have a rough idea about the problem before you take your car to the mechanic.