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The Ford Fusion is offered in three engines but the 3.5-liter six-cylinder engine being the more powerful. However, the 3.5-literDuratec V6 engine which uses a six-speed automatic transmission crafted with 18 inch five-spoke aluminum wheels stand out. The new model has refreshed exterior styling and the standard but optional features make the car the most preferred. It’s a model from the heart of manufacturer for ideal families and has a great fuel economy to save you the extra coin. Safety is a priority and the general appearance of the car attracts much attention anytime you pull over. If you are a city driver, this is the model to test The Ford Fusion OBD Reader controls its emissions as well as monitor the engine’s performance. The malfunction or failure of any part is detected and communicated via a check light signal on the dashboard. You don’t have to wait for other expensive parts to be damaged just because you did not notice the source. This reader is very precise and even has a storage system thereby allowing you analyze the data later. In addition you not only protect yourself from accidents but also the environment of other consumers and also curb the minor problems before they become uncontrollable. Hand-held OBD tools are also available.