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Ford automakers having been in the market of manufacturing and selling automotives, now grants you old but newly redesigned ford Fairmount that has been famous and popular in the 19th century. This newly redesigned ford Fairmount for you is a four door sedan body type with five seats for your passengers and belongs in the BF MKII 07 upgrade series .It has a multi point F/INJ engine type that is of 3984cc size with 6inline cylinders and a maximum toque and power of 383 Nm and 190kW respectively. For your comfort and safety, it has been fit with auto climate content with dual temperature zones and dual airbag package, anti-lock braking system, seat belt pre-tensioner respectively. In your day to day life, all that you expect is great performance from your ford Fairmount since you have invested in it. The efficiency above all other expectations from your vehicle matters a lot. You can imagine beyond expectation the trouble your mind undergoes during the time your vehicle is underperforming. For this reason you are only assured of the peace of mind after visiting your mechanic to verify the problem with your ford Fairmount. The choice and decision of fitting it with the OBD is the solution of all your mind’s troubles. It lets you know of the problem with your vehicle without necessarily visiting a mechanic.