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You always have the desire of having something that is credible around you. Having the ford f550 from the ford automobile company dignifies your presence on the road while caring out your business. The roll stability control system, the drivers and passenger’s airbags, the roll –fold side curtain safety canopy system airbags, the power 4-wheel disc fit with the anti-lock brake system and the traction control have been fit by the manufacturer to ensure your maximum safety. Your ford f550 performance is enhanced by the 6.7 liter power strokeV8 turbo diesel B20 capable engine with a heavy duty torque shift of 6-speed select shift automatic transmission of 6.2L gas and 6.7L diesel. The uplift switches have been fitted to enhance the offloading process. When the check engine light begins flashing at you while in the middle of your ride, it raises your heart beat with the worries of what might be the wrong. For this reason that affected many led to the invention of the OBD diagnostic software. As the name suggests, the gadget is at all times checking the operation of the engine, gearbox, antilock brake system and others to report by sending the error code to the dashboard. The code indicates where the trouble is arising from and it is upon you to find out if you can do it by yourself or take your ford f550 to the mechanic.