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The ford automaker company has in their f-series granted you the ford f150 as a traveling solution. This truck has a 4.6L V8 engine, an automatic transmission, four-wheel drive system that enables it to move on various terrain, side/curtain airbags ,stability control, traction control and optional navigation system that ensures your safety plus optional Bluetooth, iPod input and mp3 player that ensures your maximum entertainment comfort. Your ford f150 is a high performance SVT Raptor and of a Harley-Davidson trim level and is very economical on fuel hence it uses up to 15cty/19 hwy mpg. Long are gone days when you had to rush to the mechanic for the servicing of your vehicle. The service was to be done for the surety of that safe ride with your ford f150.Technology having come to the rescue of your resources now brings you the OBD code reader. This on board diagnostics lets go off the worries of the check engine light. The electronic control unit of your ford f150 alerts you by sending a specific code on the dashboard that indicates where the trouble is arising from in your vehicle. This enables you to check and know the problem of your vehicle to avoid accidents and being overcharged by the mechanics.