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At times you are needed to travel both with your family and friends for that function that you must all attend. Looking around you have your other SUV that can only carry a maximum of four people. The ford auto mobile company with the concept of saving on your fuel has brought the ford excursion that now lets have that king-size transportation at once. Being the largest SUV in the Fords lineup based on overall size and interior room, the ford excursion is built on the Ford’s F-250 super Duty truck platform and drive on either two or four wheel system. It has 325-hp, 6.0 liter turbo diesel V8 engine that offers more toque and cleaner emissions. You at all times want to have everything under your control but always live under the fear and the control of the uncertainty. Your ford excursion for the great assurance of that smooth ride you deserve has been fit with an OBD code reader that gives you the maximum control over the uncertainty. This gadget with the help of your vehicles computer, now and at all times is able to alert you whenever there is problem .The place that has a problem is denoted by code that you take to your mechanic who will have to find at the problem within a short time.