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Ford Escape OBDII Readers OBD2 Code Tool Scanner

Since its introduction in the market, ford escape has proved to be the best selling SUVs due to its small size and other attractive features which are appealing to drivers. The car is very comfortable with compact four doors and very fun to drive around and has been made in such away that it can be used to perform small light duties since it is very economical in fuel consumption. as a tradition of SUVs, the car is a four wheel drive with either six speeds automatic or five speed manual power transmissions. The car is available in three trims with standard equipments. The cars engine is standard in all trims being a 2.5liter 4 cylinder. Ford escape OBD reader is a powerful tool with informed mind which gives information about the health status of your car; with this device, you can self test the car. The connected computer will record and stores all the trouble codes, and by reading and understanding the codes, you will be able to determine the problems by yourself. The reader detects any slight malfunction the car is having and therefore no need to take the car to a mechanic to find out the problem the car is having. it monitors the engine controls and other parts of the car always informs you when to check the engine to avoid breakdowns.