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The Ferrari Testarossa is a sports car with an exotic design. It is built for speed and class. It has some of the best features or rather specs as compared to other cars. The Ferrari Testarossa has two doors. It weighs approximately 1506 kilograms and has a flat 12 engine. Its engine has 12 cylinders and a capacity of 4.1L. As previously stated, it is a very fast car. Its maximum power is 287.1KW. It can go from 0mph to 60mph in 5; 20 seconds. This means it can go from 0mph to 100mph in 11.45 seconds. It uses fuel and the fuel tank capacity is115 liters. This is the best car for both style and speed. The On Board Diagnostics is a computer system built into all model and light duty cars. It monitors the engines major components including emission controls. With a vehicle like the Ferrari Testarossa this software is mandatory. The car has an inbuilt computer for diagnostic purposes. Therefore, the best OBD system is our U380 OBD2 check engine auto scanner trouble code reader. This reader supports several trouble shoot requests. It is also a standalone unit and needs no extra laptops to operate. It will just work together with the car’s computer and display the information on a clear easy to read LCD display. The Ferrari Testarossa is a very expensive car and should be well taken care of. You can do this by installing the best OBD Readers from our stores. To get the best of these, in terms of originality and price, our site is all you need. We offer genuine OBD Readers. We are concerned for your and other people’s safety on the road. We therefore offer these must have devices at a fair and affordable price. You will not be disappointed. We have also made it easier for you as you can purchase the product at the comfort of your home. This saves you time. With us, you save you time, energy and money.