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Those who have had the luxury of driving this car know it’s real worth. It is a sports car with a curvaceous and aerodynamic body. It is shapely and fast. Its engine is a V8 with a 4.3L capacity. Horsepower is at 490bhp. The car weighs approximately 3196 lb. Its top speed is 196mph. It can accelerate from 0mph to 60mph in 4.0 seconds. This means it can go from 0mph to 100mph in 10.0 seconds. The car has a strong dependable engine that gives it energy and power on the road. Being a carefully designed car, the Ferrari F430 will therefore need a well designed OBD Reader from our stores. The best On Board Diagnostics Reader for this car therefore has to be the autel maxiscan ms300 can OBD 2 scan tool. This OBD reader is small in size and well designed. It can retrieve your car’s Vehicle Identification Number with ease. It also supports multiple trouble shoot code requests. These requests may include generic trouble codes; manufacture related trouble codes and any pending trouble codes. Our readers also include CD software. This CD software can trouble shoot a wide range of requests. After diagnosing your car it displays easy to read information. The OBD reader is a must have for your Ferrari F430. Being an expensive car, it is important to take good care of it. We at want to help you take care of your car. We offer the best there is of OBD Readers. We highly recommend this specific one for your Ferrari F430. Come purchase it at our website and you will have nothing to regret. We are pocket friendly and will make sure you are satisfied. You can purchase this reader online and at the comfort of your home. We strive and endeavor to save you time, energy and money.