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The Chevrolet Tracker is powered by a 2.5liter V6 engine that strikes a perfect balance between its performance and its fuel economy. It has the best suspension and is spacious enough to accommodate up to five passengers. Its design color is wildfire red with a black rubber lining at the lower side. The power steering enhances more handling characteristics while the front and side air bags offers maximum safety when involved in an accident. Available in store are silver metallic and dark blue metallic while blue, green and white color designs flood the showrooms. It’s a great car ideal for you with a small family. The Chevrolet Tracker OBD Reader fixed in this model monitors its performance as well as control of its emissions. It’s one of the great devices that is very reliable and controls the level of emissions of this classy model as well as keeping an eye on its smooth body. Self diagnosis of the engine alerts you of any incomplete combustion that may finally result to high levels of emissions. The warnings are relayed by means of check lights on the dashboard. If they are persistent then it means that the problem is a major one and needs quick action. You can always rely on it.