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Chevrolet Malibu is a midsized car produced by general motor one of the Chevrolet companies. The first generation of this car was offered as a two door coupe and a, four door sedan convertible car with a high sporty performance. It has high powerful six cylinder engine. This car has great features, which will attract you like its quietness and sufficient passenger room. It is also fitted with other modern equipments like the safety gadgets, which will protect you in time, of crash, the presence of air conditioners for fresh air regulatory and the availability of modern music systems to provide peaceful environment while having a ride. It is suitable for a small family and daily driving exercises. Availability of OBD in Chevrolet Malibu will help you notice any engine malfunctioning enabling you fix the problem with ease. The communication is made easier since you avoid frequent visits to garages to have a car service. Once you own a car like this, you need to be aware of its running since it will reduce the headache of highway engine break down. It will also give you information about other systems in your car since it is in a position identify the problem. To safe, avoid extra spending and fear of owning a car due to engine breakdown you need to have this system in your car.