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Chevrolet LUV in a light truck produced in North America and marketed allover the world courtesy of general motors Chevrolet division beginning its sale in the United States. These cars of Chevrolet were produced to solve both light and heavy transportation of goods for both commercial and private transporters. It is a fuel economy car suitable for any generation. Its engine is filled with fuel capacity of about 1.8 liters producing a four way transmission of energy. This car keeps on changing its features from time to time to match the market standards and be highly presentable. It has a big space to accommodate large quantity of goods. Have you any idea o how you can take care of Chevrolet LUV car systems, you need to install it with an OBD tool which helps in providing information about the problems of your car systems especially those based on the engine control system. To avoid emergency engine failures you need to have it since it will assist you know what the cause of the problem is and how to handle it. An engine car is very expensive and can make you stop getting your car services that’s why you need to take good care of it to avoid rendering your car useless or selling it at a lose due to engine breakdown.