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Chevrolet g series was made by general motors from North America with its first release made in 1961. It is a full size van that became the staple van fleet of its time in this American region. The production of Chevrolet kept on improving making major changes, which continued to be appreciated in the market by the buyers. This model made no major changes mechanically since its first release apart from few changes like the carburetor, the fuel system and the carrier space, which kept on advancing as the releases continued. This van has been made popular with all different kinds of trades, from plumbers to caterers highly effective since its reliability is quite high and the maintenance and cost is low becoming a multipurpose economy car. OBD will always have your engine services relayed to your onboard computer to know how stable your car is on the road. Chevrolet G series need to be well maintained to increase its durability and offer reliable services. This mode of service can be given to you either by the car manufacturer or your personal car technician who will always do it at certain cost rather than getting it free from your manufacture. You should always keep the systems fit for you to enjoy longer services from it. There is definitely no better way to keep your car well maintained than to embrace the services of this marvelous gadget.