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The Chevrolet cavalier 4dr sedan compact vehicle is one of the unique vehicles designed to meet an individual’s desires. The desire of owning a comfortable sport utility vehicle comes to the end with the presence of the Chevrolet cavalier four door sedans. This four-door car body styled vehicle is spacious and can hold up to five passengers. With a front wheel drive train using the 2.2litre engine, it has a five speed manual transmission and unique gas mileage of 26mpg. The fitting of the four-wheel antilock brake system, the front passenger and driver airbags and the front fog lamps have all been put in place for your safety. The most embarrassing and inconveniencing situation is when in the midst of your visitors, your Chevrolet cavalier 4dr fails to start without your knowledge. The OBD code reader is thus a diagnostic device that in such and many occasions of the same aspect saves you from the ignorance. This is done by this on board diagnostic device at all times giving you the updates of how your vehicle is operating. Working in conjunction with the electronic control unit of your vehicle, the OBD code reader highlights the parts with faults, sends the code on your dashboard for you to scanning, and rectify.