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Chevrolet Caprice is one of the most innovative car models in the modern times. It comes with stiffened front struts. This car model offer the user two engines but at the same price. This car latest model engines comes with 3.6 liter for the V 6 and 6.0 for the V8 engine. The six speed engine makes 3011 horse power while the eight up this count to 355 horse power. This car has been designed and manufactured with features that improve the model's transient response. It gives comfort and a dynamic prowess to the user. The interior of this car looks stylish and luxurious. We know that you do not want to have your ride cut short by a malfunctioning engine of your luxurious Chevrolet Caprice. This is why we have stocked our store with the best models of OBD Readers. We want you to get your Chevrolet Caprice OBD Reader with ease. This device has been designed in an innovative way to let you diagnose any problem on your engine before it turns more complex. As such, you do not have to go to a garage to have the engine of your car checked for any trouble. Even when you are on your ride, you can stop by the road side and reevaluate the performance of your car. This is because the device is portable and easy to use. Once connected to your car, it will diagnose any trouble in the engine and relay the codes on the dashboard. If you are not in a position to fix the problem immediately, it can also store this data so that you can use it later. Our aim is to ensure that you get the best services and product from our store. Once you purchase Chevrolet Caprice OBD Reader from our store, we will also give you free guidelines on how to install it in your car. Our interest is to ensure that satisfaction of our clients is met in a special way.