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Bentley Turbo was made in North America. It has a 6.8litter v8 engine, capable of 152 mph top speed. The car also has twin turbo to increase the strength that the engine produces. It has silver, mesh grills and colored bumper with mesh inserts. The interior of the car is spacious and has enough room for you to stretch your legs. The car has a wood finish on the dash board and heated leather seats. The car has reinforced suspension to increase the stability of the car. It stretches long and is available in bright metallic colors for that unique style you like The Bentley Turbo obd system works in the simplest method imaginable. It will give you a good analysis of what is not working and also what is working so as to make your decisions more accurate and more informed. When you talk to the engine, it can not respond and tell you where the problem is but when the system talks to the engine you will get the report in the language, you understand. The repair that you will do after getting the analysis from the obd will be of the reason that has made the check light to go on.