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Bentley Continental is a version of a super sports car and tops the charts in it categories. It is powered by a 6.0 litter w 12 engine. It is light, allowing it to travel at lights speeds. It can speed from zero to60 mph in under four seconds. The car comes with a six speed automatic or manual transmission. When you are looking for speed then this is the car to have. Anti lock break system have been installed, and wide tires to give you the maximum control of this car. Been so fast the suspension has been modified to allow the car to distribute weight evenly. The Bentley Continental obd system is a hand held device that allows you to run diagnostic tests to your car and repair little problems that may arise. The moment the car is out of the manufactures hands it up to you to give it the necessary care and protection this system allows you just do that. The system on the car works though out to make sure that it is on top form possible. It will check the fuel gauge, the fuel pump to make sure that it is working properly the system can fix minor electronic problems it self.