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The exteriors of BMW Z8 are featured in a very unique style. The halogen fog lights and daytime running lights are some of the features this convertible insists. Heated passenger and driver seats, keyless entry, power seats and sport suspensions makes this model. The 4-wheel disc anti-lock brake works perfectly well to bring the item to a sudden halt. The 4-function onboard computer and the automatic climate control are high upgrades to this model. The dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors, height adjustable front seat belts and fuel cut are some of the features that make this model standout. Satisfaction is a guarantee here The BMW Z8 OBD reader displays trouble codes directly on the screen and there’s no need of searching for them in the manual. To comfortably operate it has an extension cable so that you can operate it while you are still resting on your leather seat. There is no additional power that is needed and a live stream data gives it a second feel of class. Its plug and play mode of operation makes it the easiest gadget to use so far. As if that is not enough, it has a professional mode and a large DTC database. Accurate and reliable describes it.