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The BMW Z4 is yet another cool automobile that is fun to drive and own. It has a superb steering and excellent braking system while its interiors spark volumes of tantalizing smiles of success. You cannot afford to ignore this model anytime it pulls over because it’s designed to show magnificent exterior features than no other. Its uniqueness has made it to retain its reputation fro many years while the increased power and superior handling makes it compete well with other models of its class. If you love class, definitely this is the only way out because you will not get the same reception as before. The advancement of technology has brought another heart to heart device for reading and erasing trouble codes. The BMW Z4 OBD reader can display live data and its small size makes it top the favorite list of many. It’s robust in design and simplicity in usage still remains beaten. It’s a stand alone gadget that does not necessitate a laptop. However, the advanced features include LCD screen readout with the best resolution. The trouble codes are displayed directly on the screen upon plugging to the diagnostic socket. Displaying each code at a time until you press the ‘next ‘or ‘previous’ button allows you to comprehensively analyze the problem.