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The BMW Z3 features an upgraded 2.5-liter 6-cylinder engine that churns out 185 horsepower. It has low levels of emissions and its fuel economy is marvelous. You will definitely adore the L-shaped taillights that match well with clear turn signal lenses. The fully lined tops and the smooth sculpted rear flanks make it standout among the flooded sea of automobiles. Its sound system is audible enough even when driving at high speed while the leather seats and floor mats give the interiors a classier look. The plastic rear window is a major upgrade while spoiler wings improve its aerodynamics. Its definitely an elegant product from the heart Technology brings yet another cool device that you can use to diagnose engine problems, troubleshoot and repair in a faster and easier way. By simply connecting the scanner to the diagnostic socket, you can easily and conveniently read trouble codes one by one. After you are through, you can clear them using the clear button. It’s a great device that guarantees you a breathtaking and relaxing drive because you are always sure about the condition of your car. Your car’s engine performance is enhanced transforming it into a great fuel economical item. BMW Z1 OBD reader is the only perfect way to make others crave for your ride.