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3 Series 2dr

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The BMW 3 series 2dr is yet another cool automobile that has been very difficult to beat in terms of style and durability. The latest spacer design incorporates pockets around the entire circumference of the spacer and the pockets give allowance for easy removal. They are Strong and lightweight high-grade aluminum with a strong resistance to corrosion. It’s powered by a 2.8-liter DOHC 24-valve L6 engine that churns out sufficient power. A 5-speed manual transmission and a rear wheel drive, dynamic stability control and front and wheel stabilizers are the main features that give this elegant and sexy model its class. The BMW 3 series 2dr OBD reader allows you to view diagnostic trouble codes and also reset them. To complete the package, it has screen readout for accurate display and analysis of data. You get it in different sizes and shapes. You can also opt for a portable packaged unit that is handheld. Just to shed some light on it, it is very neat and performs absolutely well. It has more advanced features like the display freeze frame data and code definitions right on the unit. It can support many languages other than English beating language barriers ten nil. Honestly, this device never fails to impress.