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The engineers of Honda have redesigned one of the oldest models of Honda cars to emerge with Acura RSX that is available in type S and Integra IS models sold in North America and Japan respectively. On the technical side of view the Acura RSX is the final generation of the Honda Integra. Owing to its capability and luxurious nature, this car comes with upscale features and extremely flamboyant amenities and those who have had the privilege to be behind its wheels conc4ede that it is nothing but sheer sophistication. It is not only sporty but also reliable on the road. As a good and valuable car, installation of the Acura RSX OBD code reader is inevitable. To start with there is the engine defaults, antilock brake system failure, the power steering defaults and many other defaults that honestly inconveniences your day to day life. The on board diagnostic works as a spy in your cars operational system of which reports any fault detected. The faulty detected part is then sent to the LCD screen as a code of which is further verified by the scanner. You can at this time rectify the fault comfortably by your self or take it at your choice to your mechanic.