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If you are a keen observer you will discover that the Acura RL is the modern Honda legend. The mid generation facelift it was given gave birth to the Acura RL which is well known for sheer comfort ability. The interior of this car is something that cannot go unnoticed and these features actually make the car a preferred family automobile. Given that the centre line of the engine is mounted in line with the axis of the car, the stability of the Acura RL is definitely one that you can rely on. This car uses Acura OBD Reader Diagnostic Tool in monitoring the car engine performance. It performs the trouble shooting fault codes by checking on the engine condition. It senses the fault engine codes on a sensor data on a LCD screen of the gadget as it interprets on the type of fault code beep alarmed and then sends diagnostic protocols to troubleshoot on the defects identified within the car engine. It then remedies the malfunction faults which have been found to contain the problems on an Automotive Diagnostic mode after which the fault is curbed and the car owners would be aware of the nature of the car problem.