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Acura MDX is a complete luxury sport utility vehicle in the class of SUV models available in different trims and is a high performance vehicle. The vehicle’s engine is a 3.7liter VTEC v6 and generates a horsepower 300h with 270 lbs-feet of torque, the car is environmentally friendly and through several test it has been rated to have very low emissions. Power being transmitted to all for wheels via six speed automatic transmission overdrive being standard. It has antilock brake system allowing easy steering control .The vehicle has Avery beautiful interior and very comfortable and a capacity of seven passengers, the cargo room is also spacious. The car is very safe and reliable when driving. The Acura MDX obd system is the most important part of this vehicle due to its engine mechanism. You do not have to waste and spend a lot of time and money going to a mechanic to find out what is wrong with your vehicle, having it, you will test the car for your self and save you from all the unnecessary expenses. It is like having someone going inside the engine and telling you what is not functioning properly .it monitors all the engine controls and other subsystems and if there’s any malfunction it gives an early warning which can be corrected be it gets worse.