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The Acura Integra coupe is a modern car that was made by Honda Company. The characteristic features that can make you identify this car from far is the traditional two door front wheel drive car which gives you the possibility of inviting inside four friends with a four door variant available. Owing to the fact that this car uses the 5 speed manual and the 4 speed automatic transmission, it is the perfect car that you need in the tough terrain and you are assured of abject firmness on the road. As compared to other Acura and Honda cars in the market, The Acura Integra coup has enlarged four wheel disc brakes and good suspension calibration to enhance the performance on the road. To identify the various problems associated with this car engine, it normally uses the Acura integra coupe Auto Scanning OBD II reader in sensing on the nature of the faults codes found within the car engine. When this car gadget senses a problem with some of the components , it stores the correspondent trouble code in it’s memory and lights up the check engine light to let you know that there is a problem and your vehicle needs to be looked at. As soon as the faults codes have been interpreted by the this reading machine it will immediately sends the trouble shooting protocols on the fault section of the car engine so as to rectify it.